Make Up

We do something a little different than most – offer makeup options at varying price points to add to your blowout service so you can literally walk out the door ready for anything without having to break the bank! We understand that most women are very particular about how they do their makeup, what products they use and what they’re good at (or not). Sometimes all you really need & want is the perfect smoky eye. Have lash extensions? Maybe you don’t need any eye makeup but want your complexion to look flawless! Never even wear makeup? A full-face application may not be for you. Whatever it may be, let us guide you in the right direction.

Just The Eyes Application$35

Expert application of eyeshadow primer, shadow, liner, mascara, undereye concealer and brow pencil. Perfect for anyone who prefers to do their own base makeup such as foundation but wants to add a little extra glam for a night out.

Clean & Simple Application$55

Expert yet speedy application of natural makeup featuring primer, foundation, blush & bronzer coupled with mascara & a natural lip color. Perfect for anyone looking to have that “no makeup, makeup” look for a daytime event.

Just The Base Application$40

Expert application of primer, foundation, concealer, and contour to ensure your skin looks flawless! Perfect for anyone who prefers to do their own eyes & lips or already has eyelash extensions and a favorite lip color.

Full Face Application$75

A combination of all of our makeup applications, our full face will be flawless with staying power. Wide range of looks available – we’ll help you look & feel like your most glamorous self for that special occasion! Lash application available as an add-on service.

Lash Application$10

Includes cost of lashes

Bridal Packagescall us for details!